Card evaluation isn’t an exact science. We’ve done a lot of set reviews with special guest Jonathan Medina on our show since the Pioneer format started back in 2019. We’ve made a lot of crazy calls, evaluated some cards incorrectly, and sometimes forgot to talk about some playable cards altogether. But on the other hand we also made some really good picks and while everyone might not have agreed with us initially it does feel good to finally be validated.

Covering Theros Beyond Death, Ikoria, the M21 Core Set, and Zendikar Rising, today the First Pioneers talk about how we feel about the correct calls we made about Pioneer playable cards, why we think the incorrect ones didn’t pan out, and if we think there is still hope for some of these cards we were originally very high on.

Feel free to check out our original episodes down below or join our discord to talk about what we got right and poke fun at us for what we got wrong!

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