Author‘s Note: This is is a live post, meaning I will be adding on to it as things change. Please excuse any typos. I’m writing this quickly to provide the fastest info possible.All prices use TCGPlayer Market Price.

Friday Afternoon, January 31st 

It’s a huge weekend for Pioneer with Players Tours happening in Brussels and Nagoya. We knew we’d be entering the weekend with one boogeyman combo-deck (Heliod / Ballista), but another deck has emerged. 

The Blue Black Inverter of Truths combo deck has shown up in full force and is a the top of the metagame at PT Brustles.  

The core of the deck is the same across most lists. These slots seem to be locked-in:

4 Inverter of Truth
4 Thassa’s Oracle
3 Jace, Wielder of Mysteries
4 Thoughtseize
4 Fatal Push
4 Dig Through Time
4 Opt

The competitive community has been trying to solve the final slots. I’ve seen a lot of different configurations of removal spells and counterspells. Cards such as; Brazen Borrower, Murderous Cut, Hero’s Downfall, Censor, Mystical Dispute, Thought Erasure, and even Tasigur, the Golden Fang have occupied those slots. I’m particularly interested in Hall of Famer Kai Budde’s approach. 

He’s using Coax from the Blind Eternities as a way to virtually increase his number of Inverter of Truth. This move seems to sacrifice speed for consistency, while also dodging cards like Slaughter Games out of the Niv-Mizzet deck. 

Finance Trends

For those of you looking to get ahead of Financial Trends here are some cards to watch. Cards In The Deck

Coax From The Blind Eternities .20, .63 F
Choked Estuary $2.31, $3.77 F

Cards That Fight The Deck
Infinite Obliteration .24, .81 F
Gideon of the Trials $3.13, $6.13 F
Hushbringer $1.27, $1.65 F, $4.98 E, $15.48 EF

I’ll check in as new information emerges. If you want to dig through these decklists with me you can find all the PT Brussels decklists here.  

Saturday Night, February 1st  

PT Brussels has yielded a top 8! The decklists are below along with some cards to watch out for. 

Bant Spirits, Mattia Rizzi
Mono-Red Aggro, Juan Jose Rodriguez Lopez 
Dimir Inverter, Piotr Glogowski

Choked Estuary FOIL – $2.46, $3.77 F 
Fetid Pools FOIL – $2.34, $2.63 F
I tagged both of these lands because the non-foil printings are getting very close to the foil printings in price. This typically signals a price increase. Both of these lands were thrust into the spotlight with the new Inverter Combo Deck, so I expect the market to adjust.

Lotus Breach, Brent Vos

Fae of Wishes (Showcase) – $1.26, $4.63 F
I listed the Fae of Wishes Showcase version because I expect most playable showcase cards to appreciate. I want to expand on this in more detail another post. For now, I wanted to get the numbers on the page. 

Thespian’s Stage (Gatecrash) – $2.26, $14.67
Thespian’s Stage is a card that has applications in other formats including Commander and Legacy. This means that the supply is being pressured and the price could see appreciation over the next 6 months.

Mono-Black Aggro, Zhiyang Zhang
Bant Spirits, Valerio Luminati
5c Niv-Mizzet, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa 

Sylvan Caryatid – $10.98, $9.04 F
Sylvan Caryatid is about to bust. It’s becoming hard to get copies under $12 and most major sites are sold-out. I could see this easily going to $15 and beyond.  

Niv-Mizzet Reborn – $8.24, $18.16 F
Niv-Mizzet also has room to grow. Niv’s Commander and casual appeal combined with the new demand from Pioneer (and sometimes Modern), makes this a card to watch.  

Bring to Light – $1.71, $6.69 F
Bring to Light is still cheap despite finding a home in Modern and now Pioneer. I’m tempted to clear this block out.  

Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath – $23.53, $28.47 F
We all know that Uro is good. The question is how good? With Uro’s appearance in both this deck and the next one (Sultai Delirium), it could explode in the coming weeks. When evaluating a card like this, I always try to measure the ceiling so I can get an understanding of where it might go. In this case, we can look to Oko for the ceiling, which topped out at a whopping $60. I don’t think Uro is as good as Oko, but it is seeing play in Standard, Pioneer, and Modern, so there’s a pedigree there. It won’t go as high as $60 but $35 is not out of the question. 

Sultai Delirium, Joel Larrson 

Ishkanah, Grafwidow – $1.42, $2.57 F
Look at this cheap Mythic Rare spider! If you want to play a Delirium strategy in the future, do yourself a favor and pick one of these up. 

PT Nagoya 

This tournament is still underway. I’ve been seeing a lot of Inverter combo decks on camera, but I’ll be digging to get some more information about how things are shaping up. Based on my coverage sleuthing, here are a couple of cards to look at. 

Sram, Senior Edificer – $3.85, $7.26 F 

This card started to rise with Throne of Eldraine, probably on the back of All That Glitters. Theros Beyond Death continued the trend by adding a handful of Auras to the mix. This card also has Commander and casual demand and the stock levels are below average. The reason that I’m highlighting Sram is that there is a White Black Aura deck that’s been doing well in Nagoya, which is rocking four copies. See the list below. 

Quarantine Field – .49, $1.06 F
For the last card of the night, I want to highlight this mythic rare that is being played in the Heliod combo deck. At fifty cents a pop, it’s a low-risk buy. That’s all for right now. I hope your weekend is going well! I’ll see you tomorrow.

Sunday Afternoon, February 2nd

Things are quiet. Too quiet. 

There’s not much movement in on the finance front. People are still processing things. We do have a winner of PT Brussels, Joel Larssen. Here’s the deck he was running.  

We also have the PT Nagoya Top 8 Decklists also known as Inverter City! 

Devotion Inverter, Shintaro Ishimura

Gadwick, the Wizened – $1.17, $2.05 F, $3.96 E, $13.24 EF
This card has shown itself as a player in Mono blue decks in Standard and Pioneer. As Throne of Eldraine ages, I expect this card to rise.

Fetid Pools – $2.39, $2.68 F
We talked about this above but seeing four of these in this list makes me even more interested in the card. If I needed them to play, I’d buy them now.

Leyline of Anticipation – $4.78, $6.66 F
The synergy between Leylines and Nykthos, Shrine of Nyx seems like a feature of the Pioneer format. It started with Leyline of Abundance (now banned), and now we see it with Leyline of Anticipation. As new devotion decks emerge in the format, I expect this synergy to be a consideration. Besides Pioneer, Leyline of Anticipation also a popular commander card! As such, it won’t hold at the current price. It’s only a matter of time before you wake up and this card is $10. 

Thassa’s Oracle $4.98, $7.19 F, $10.07 E, $50.69 EF
The closest analog for this card is Laboratory Maniac, which has a $4 price tag- even after a reprint and rarity downshift. Thassa’s Oracle is a better card, so if Lab Man can be $4 than Thassa’s Oracle can be more.  

UB Inverter, Yuta Takahashi

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver – $6.37, $20.20 F
This is a $6 mythic rare with medium stock levels. I’ve seen 1-2 of these in the Sideboard of the Inverter decks. It’s the kind of card I would pick up now, in case it creeps up later.

Sram Auras, Ken Yukuhiro

Sram, Senior Edificer – $3.98, $6.71 F
The supply of this card is moving downward, and we could see a spike in price. This is a perfect deck for people looking to enter the format at an affordable price point. Which means that there will be more interest in this deck in the weeks to come. 

Caves of Koilos – .82, $2.11 F
Concealed Courtyard – $2.63, $6.73 F
These lands have traditions been among the lowest priced lands. That means that there’s some opportunity for a small price rise. There’s a lot of stock on these two so I don’t expect a sharp upturn. 

Gideon of the Trials – $3.49, $6.16 FThis is sideboard tech for the UB Inverter deck. If you play white in Pioneer, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a couple of these.

UB Inverter, Shota Yasooka
Bant Spirits, Kenta Harane
UB Inverter, Akira Asahara
UB Inverter, Lee Shitian
Mono-Black Vampires, Dmitriy Butakov

Knight of the Ebon Legion – $4.97, $9.96 F
Mono-Black is here to stay in some form or another. I expect Knight to continue to be a mainstay in the format. Its current price seems right but since it’s from a core set, I could see slow appreciation over time.

I will return to fill out some cards to watch in a little bit! 

Sunday Night, February 2nd

I filled out the cards to watch above and we have a winner from PT Nagoya. Kenta Harane takes it down with Bant Spirits.  

I will be back in a bit with some buy, sell, hold recommendations. See you then!

Tuesday Afternoon, February 4th

Wrap up

I’ll wrap up today with some “buy / sell / hold” recommendations based on this weekend’s results. These will mostly be a list of cards, but I will make some relevant comments where it’s appropriate.


Low-value Pioneer cards always interest me, because they have the entire life of the format to mature in price. This information is great if you’re trying to collect cards for the format, or if you’re looking to buy and resell later. 

Choked Estuary – $2.89, $3.86 F
Gideon of the Trials – $4, $6.24 F
This one seems way off. If the Inverter deck sticks around, I expect this to rise significantly. It’s already gone up from when I first mentioned it above.

Hushbringer $1.19, $1.78 F, $4.93 E, $15.48 EF
Fetid Pools – $2.30, $2.74 F
Bring to Light – $1.88, $6.87 F
Ishkanah, Grafwidow – 1.66, $2.80 F
Gadwick, the Wizened – $1.35, 2.11 F
Sram, Senior Edificer – $4.90, $6.69 F
This one is already rising since mentioned above. If the Black White Auras deck has legs, expect these to hit $7.

Caves of Koilos (Magic Origins) – .90, $2.29
Concealed Courtyard – $2.59, $6.80 F


These are mostly cards for the inverter deck. Most of them have spiked pretty heavily and it’s good to sell into the demand and cash out. This will insulate you from any bans and free up some money to buy into something else. 

Inverter of Truth – $10.35, $12.81 F
Thassa’s Oracle – $5.08, $7.46 F
These foils seem low to me.

Jace, Wielder of Mysteries – $6.35, $8.54* F
The lowest foil is $14.75 so the market price has not caught up. 

Dig Through Time – $5.38, $12.03 F
Niv-Mizzet Reborn – $7.89, $18.78 F
This is slightly down in price and popular opinion since this weekend.


Sylvan Caryatid – $11.30, $14.50 F
(This one is TCG Low, since Market has not caught up) Another one that has gone up since we noted it above. If you need them pick them up, otherwise I would wait till they hit $15 to sell. 

Leyline of Anticipation (Core 2020) – $4.74, $6.65 F
This card is going to appreciate with time. 

Knight of the Ebon Legion – $5.07, $9.88 F
Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath – $24.89, $31.54 F
This has gone up since we mentioned it above. I expect It to hit $30.

Spell Queller – $10.80, $27.33 F
Collected Company – $15.79, $36.79 F
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet – $28.56, $42.12 F

And that’s it for this live-journal! Thank you for supporting me through Patreon! <3 JM

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