Each month I give away Magic Online rewards for achieving great feats while playing in the 10 ticket Commander league. These prizes are available for anybody to win on the dates below. Each achievement can be claimed once a day.

– Friday, Nov 6th
Friday, Nov 13th
Friday, Nov 20th
Friday, Nov 27th

To claim your prize, post a screenshot of the achievement to the #commander channel on Discord and tag me. I’m looking forward to seeing some crazy screenshots! I’ll see you on the battlefield.


For November, I’ll be adding a twist to the Achievements. There’s now a keyword that will give you an opportunity to earn more prizes! This month’s keyword is Upgrade. After completing an Achievement, you’ll have a chance to also complete the Upgrade portion and earn a bonus prize. This will reward those who build decks specifically to accomplish achievements and provide a “hard-mode” for die-hard gamers.

Leeroy JenkinsEliminate a player with Commander DamageTreasure Chest
I’m Rich!Control 12 or more non-land, non-token permanents.Treasure Chest
Groundhog DayCast the same spell five times.Treasure Chest
Attack of the ClonesAttack with three non-token creatures with the same name.Treasure Chest 
Upgrade: Eliminate a player with this attack.Pack
BibliophileControl 3 of any combination of books, journals, tomes and grimoires.Ticket
BlackjackControl two creatures whose total power is exactly 21Ticket
Eggs, Meet BasketSacrifice all of your permanents, except one. A minimum of 5 permanents must be sacrificed.Pack
Upgrade: Then win the game.Pack
Gimmie That BackEliminate an opponent who controls at least one permanent you own.Treasure Chest
Mysterious ChallengerControl 5 or more face-down permanents.Treasure Chest
Upgrade: Control 8 or more total face-down permanents this turn. Treasure Chest
Get RektCause a player to discard 10 cards in one turn.Pack 
Upgrade: For each additional player you cause to discard 10 cards, collect a Treasure Chest.Treasure Chest
Land Ho!Attack with 5 lands in a single attack phase.Treasure Chest
Upgrade: Attack with an addition 5 lands this attack phase.Pack
Nap TimeSkip your turn. Treasure Chest
Upgrade: Skip an additional turn this game.Pack
OverkillDeal 40 or more damage to a creature or player than is required to kill them.Treasure Chest
StargateUse an activated ability of any portal or door.Ticket
Upgrade: On activation, be able to find S, G, and 1 in the rules text of cards your control. Treasure Chest
Stop Hitting YourselfSacrifice a player’s commander to deal damage to that player.Treasure Chest
Upgrade: If the damage dealt was half that player’s life, or more, collect a pack.Pack
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