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In this video I do a financial analysis of each Secret Lair and each bundle. I’ve included the math for the video below for those who want a quick look at values. You can purchase the Secret Lair here.

QytCard NameTreatmentCurrentFoilSpecial
1Anguished UnmakingHand-Drawn 7.748.4912.64
1Assassin’s TrophyHand-Drawn 9.9924.52NA
1DecimateHand-Drawn 2.059.522
1DreadboreHand-Drawn 1.116.57NA
1ThraximundarHand-Drawn 0.8512.95NA
1Chatter of the SquirrelFoil Alt-Art 0.013.65NA
1Krosan BeastFoil Alt-Art 2.9347.99NA
1Squirrel MobFoil Alt-Art 6.4924.95NA
1Squirrel WranglerFoil Alt-Art 0.59NA
1SwarmyardFoil Alt-Art 15.7533.08NA
1Squirrel TokenFoil Alt-Art 00NA
1Arcane Signet Alt-Art2.1565
1Chromatic Lantern Alt-Art611.32NA
1Commander’s Sphere Alt-Art0.10.31NA
1Darksteel Ingot Alt-Art0.152.17NA
1Gilded Lotus Alt-Art 1.996NA
1DamnationAlt-Art 3047NA
1Enchanted EveningAlt-Art 0.8247.99NA
1Sower of TemptationAlt-Art 0.994NA
1SwampFull-Art 0113.17
2Different Plains cardsart by Bob Ross11.486.61NA
2Different Island cardsart by Bob Ross18.4710.94NA
2Different Swamp cardsart by Bob Ross16.548.28NA
2Different Mountain cardsart by Bob Ross6.9512.69NA
2Different Forest cardsart by Bob Ross13.4811.27NA

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