Each month I give away Magic Online rewards for achieving great feats while playing in the 10 ticket Commander league. These prizes are available for anybody to win on the dates below. Each achievement can be claimed once a day.

– Friday, Feb 5th
– Friday, Feb 12th
– Friday, Feb 19th
– Friday, Feb 26th

To claim your prize, post a screenshot of the achievement to the #commander channel on Discord and tag me. I’m looking forward to seeing some crazy screenshots! I’ll see you on the battlefield.

Resolutions Returns

Like last month, this month’s achievements are built around the idea of setting a resolution. I’ve also tried to align the achievements with some of the new themes and mechanics in Kaldheim.

For each game, you’ll pick an achievement. Then you’ll roll the requisite number of D6 dice for the achievement that you picked. Your mission in the game is to accomplish what you resolved to do! If you do it, you’ll be rewarded.

Strength In Numbers2At your upkeep control X creatures that share a creature type.Ticket
What Hand?2Cause each opponent to discard X cards in one turn. Treasure Chest
Abacus Arny4Have X counters on permanents you control. Pack
King of the North4Control X snow permanent. Pack
Hat Trick1Cast X spells from somewhere other than your hand. Ticket
Legend Has It…2Control X Legendary permanents. Treasure Chest
Force Choke4Cause each opponent to lose X life in one turn. Treasure Chest
It Ain’t About The Money3Sacrifice X treasure tokens in one turn.Ticket
Captain America1Blunt X attacks to players other than yourself. (Blunt = reduce the attack to 0)Treasure Chest
Swarm Storm4Create X tokens in one turn.Pack
Master Thief1Control X permanents that you don’t own.Pack
The Zedruu Spirit2Own X permanents that you don’t control.Treasure Chest
Pod Racing2Crew X Vehicles in one turn. Pack
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