Each month I give away Magic Online rewards for achieving great feats while playing in the 10 ticket Commander league. These prizes are available for anybody to win on the dates below. Each achievement can be claimed once a day.

– Friday, Dec 4th
– Friday, Dec 11th
– Friday, Dec 18th
– Friday, Dec 25th

To claim your prize, post a screenshot of the achievement to the #commander channel on Discord and tag me. I’m looking forward to seeing some crazy screenshots! I’ll see you on the battlefield.


Giving is this month’s keyword. It’s meant to bring a group-hug vibe to our games. With 2020 winding down, I think we can all use some hugs and cheers this season. I hope these achievements and the giving extensions create some fun games of Commander. I’ll see you all on the battlefield!

Generous Gift Cast Generous Gift to upgrade an opponent’s creature. They have to agree it was an upgrade.Ticket
Playing With GiftsWin the game with a permanent that an opponent gifted you. Treasure Chest
Giving: If you owned the winning permanent you get a Treasure Chest.Treasure Chest
Holiday DinnerSacrifice 6 food tokens in one turn.Ticket
Epic StruggleAt the beginning of your upkeep control twenty or more creatures.Treasure Chest
Giving: If two of these creatures were controlled by another player, that player gets a treasure chest.Treasure Chest
It’s Free Real EstatePut ten or more lands into play in a single turn.Treasure Chest
Giving: If they were put into play under an opponent’s control, all active players get a Pack.Pack
Three WisemenAttack an opponent with three creatures with 0 power. Deal no damage with this attack.Ticket
Giving: In the same turn, also give the defending player three gifts*.Pack
Secret SantaGive an opponent a face-down permanent.Ticket
Full GripDraw 7 cards in one turn. Ticket
Giving: Instead, cause and opponent to draw 7 cards in one turn. Treasure Chest
Second ChancesGive an opponent an extra turn.Ticket
We All WinEnd the game in a tie with all three opponents. Pack
Peace on EarthSkip a Lethal Attack. You must make the attack lethal, before skipping it.Pack
Christmas MiracleCast a Miracle for its miracle-cost, then win the game before your opponent’s next turn.Pack
Re-GiftGive an opponent a permanent you control but don’t own. Ticket
Save the DaySurprise a player by saving them from losing the game with a spell or ability. Ticket

*A gift can anything beneficial to the player: a permanent, a +1/+1 counter, a card, life points.

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