Each month I give away Magic Online rewards for achieving great feats while playing in the 10 ticket Commander league. These prizes are available for anybody to win on the dates below.

– Friday, April 2nd
– Friday, April 9th
– Friday, April 16th
– Friday, March 23rd
– Friday, March 30th

To claim your prize, post a screenshot of the achievement to the #commander channel on Discord and tag me. I’m looking forward to seeing some crazy screenshots! I’ll see you on the battlefield.

Math is for BlockersKnock out an opponent with 7 or more life via exact combat damage (when they lose the game, they are at exactly 0 life).Treasure Chest
Walk this WayUse every activated ability on a planeswalker with three or more activated abilities.Pack
Who Wants Some?Deal combat damage to each opponent in a single combat phase.Ticket
So it Begins…Deal exactly one (1) damage to an opponent while all other players are at exactly 40 life.Ticket
StraightControl at least five (5) creatures with consecutive powers. IE: A creature with 1 power, 2 power, 3, 4, and 5. Pack
ResetClear the battlefield of all permanents. Pack
Remember the TitansWin the game with a Titan from M11.Treasure Chest
Thorough ResearchOn your upkeep, have more cards in your graveyard than in your library. Treasure Chest
Traitorious InstinctsKnock out an opponent with a spell or permanent owned by them. Pack
No PeekingWin the game without searching your library. Pack
Blasting CapCast a spell or use an activated ability that causes 4 or more different abilities to simultaneously trigger.Pack
Should Have Killed MeWin the game at one (1) life. Treasure Chest
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